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Las Vegas Tourists Attractions


When considering a Las Vegas trip, it’s a smart idea to make a list of things you like to do and see during your stay. This stunning city provides much more than just the renowned casinos and there are lots of things to see and do for each and everyone and of all ages. There are activities best suited for daytime and of course there is perhaps no city in the world for memorable nightlife activities than Las Vegas. While all and sundry knows the Las Vegas is all about money, there are a lot of things you can do which are inexpensive or even free. A number of the best things to see in Las Vegas are:

Bellagio Fountains


It is considered one of the most renowned attractions in Vegas. This show is popular all over the world for its music, majesty, as well as water fountain spectacle. All you need to do is to take a stroll down the strip and stop in front of the hotel and wait a couple of minutes and the fountain show will come to live. This is a remarkable event particularly when you are accompanied by your kids and family in particular loves the drama of the show. During summer, the haze from the fountains even cools you down while watching. While not free, guests and tourists who enjoy artwork must also visit the Gallery of Fine Arts while at this place watching the fountains. Admission is just fifteen dollars and guests will be benefited to see a gallery of fine arts which include masterpiece from museums.

Freemont Street


Fremont Street lights have become extremely popularly. This man-made dome over the whole street expands for many blocks and comes to life with many lights forming an impressive show all synchronized to renowned music. This remarkable street provides live music on 2 stages and many celebrity impersonators blending with the crowd.

Red Rock Canyon


This place has turn out to be a Mecca for many rock climbers from all over the world. Only two minutes west of the Las Vegas Strip these old sandstone formations offer an ideal playground for climbing enthusiast of all ages. Although you do not climb, simply walking around this place places you in awe of Mother Nature.

Hoover Dam


This is only thirty minutes east of the Vegas strip. What is more, getting these will take you in the old-world town of Boulder City. This place was created as a place to live for the worker which originally created the dam. While there’s a tour of the power generation service at the Hoover Dam, it’s free to simple walk across the area and wonder at this 7th wonders of the modern world.

So, once you take a trip to Las Vegas, take the time to plan your vacation and see as many tourist attractions as possible. And always keep in mind that there are lots of things to see when your lick at the slots machines or tables isn’t as good as you had anticipated.

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